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The EESS is founded on:

Harmonized safety legislation that is electrical

Uniform Equipment Safety Rules;

Australian and Brand New Zealand Guidelines;

Worldwide standards.

Whom must comply?

Responsible manufacturers must comply. Definition of a "responsible provider":

A person who manufactures the equipment that is electrical, or imports the apparatus into Australia; or

A person who manufactures the equipment in, or imports the electrical equipment into, New Zealand if New Zealand is a participating jurisdiction.

Exactly what gear must comply?

In-scope gear must comply. The meaning of in-scope:
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F.E.S Electrical professionals always carry copies of this documents that are above they're always readily available for examination. Therefore if you're buying component P Domestic Electrician make sure you follow these easy guidelines.

If you're a landlord you should have appropriate responsibilities and duties pertaining to fire safety as well as the security of your properties therefore the people who inhabit them. It is important yourself of these duties and obligations and ensure complete compliance with the legislation and regulations as ignorance of the law is not a defence that you apprise.

The 3 primary items of legislation which cover this certain section of legislation are:

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