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Temple of this Frescoes or Templo de las Pinturas (Temple of Paintings) - this two level building is the best preserved in Tulum. The murals that are colored certainly one of its internal walls gives the name. The level that is upper is decorated with red hand prints. The low level is comprised of two temples built one within the other. The temple that is inner embellished with murals. The outer temple boasts sculptures and carved masks of Chac, that is presumed become the creator god or god of rainfall.

The outer temple has its own sculptures, including among the descending god. The reason for the murals being painted in three amounts ended up being the representation associated with underworld that is dark of deceased, the center order regarding the living, plus the house associated with creator and rainfall gods.

El Palacio (The Palace) - was a residence for Tulum's many inhabitants that are important. It is possible to nevertheless see benches round the walls that have been utilized as seats and probably also as beds. At the back of the building is an area where in actuality the family members held spiritual ceremonies.

Templo de la Estela (Temple regarding the Initial Series) - archaeologists were puzzled when they found fragments of a stele - a rock monument - inscribed utilizing the Mayan date of 564 A.D inside this temple, since many structures in Tulum dated between your 11th and century that is 14th. Research points to your stele being delivered to Tulum from Tankah, money about 3 kilometers (4 km) to the north. The stele happens to be located in the Museum that is british in.

Passing the temples heading towards the ocean, you encounter another reasonably little building called Los Angeles Casa del Cenote translating because the Well House. Built on a cenote - a well that is natural sinkhole - religious ceremonies had been held right here.
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As beaches get you can't get a great deal more appealing than the stretch of beach in Tulum, lapped carefully by the turquoise waters for the Caribbean Sea.

The Tulum beach has yet to be spoiled by the large all inclusive resorts of Cancun while the Riviera Maya, alternatively it is lined by cabanas and coastline groups which have a rustic yet trendy charm. You can stop off at the beach clubs and grab a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy getting back to nature as you walk down the Tulum beach.

You'll gain access to Tulum Beach via a significant points that are few. The place that is first access it is through the Tulum Mayan ruins. It is possible to park at the ruins for approximately 4 bucks, then walk towards the beach. Basically you proceed with the road towards the ruins then continue past them southbound and you will reach the beach.

There is other areas to gain access to Tulum Beach over the Tulum hotel that is main zone. This is where most of the cabana accommodations can be found. Finding someplace to park could be a nagging problem however when you've got it is possible to just go until the beach. We usually walk through among the resort hotels and prevent for a drink at the beach club.

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